introducing the judgmental jay by dana stalker

Dana is a writer and creative strategist who recently graduated from the University of Oregon, where I currently teach a Digital Brand Strategy class. She is currently looking for work and I've been mentoring her during her search. I began by asking her "Who is Dana?" and we took it from there. It's a work in progress but I feel that it's finally getting some good traction.

In my class recently, during a visit from Edward Boches, Mullen's Chief Innovation Officer, some of my students came up with a Twitter hashtag #BuildShit. The thinking behind it is simple as I have pressed my students to understand that they need more on their resumés than what major they achieved - I asked them to #BuildShit! That's what I would look for whenever a resumé came across my desk. We are currently in the process of building something that I will announce soon.

Dana wasn't in that class but apparently it has rubbed off on her. Check out her website and expect more from The Judgmental Jay.