Deschutes Brewery: A new website

Cold beer! Get your cold beer here! NORTH recently unveiled its new “mobile-first” website for Deschutes Brewery. While we like making cool stuff, sometimes there’s even rationality behind it. Here, in a moment of absurdly common sense, we asked real beer drinkers what they really wanted from a web-site before we actually built it. Turns out, it’s two things. (A) Directions. (B) Mobility. Simply put: “Where can I find your beers and beer unveilings”. To that end, we designed the web site inside-out, stressing the mobile experience over the lap-top. We then collaborated on proprietary software that detects your location and adds events and particular Deschutes brands to the finder functionality. Then infused it all with enough “Bravely Done” attitude to cement their high-risk, high-reward position.

Like they say, finders keepers-losers weepers.

New Deschutes Brewery website Click image for larger version