Made by Many: Picle, if Instagram had audio

There's much to love here. Made by Many brings us Picle just in time for SXSW, an iPhone App that lets you annotate photos with audio. So when I say there's much to love I don't mean the product (how could I, it's not out yet,) I mean Made by Many's approach to designing and building the App. Here's what they have to say about that:

We've been careful not to over-design Picle at this stage, because we want it to be a living example of the Lean product innovation approach we've been developing here at Made by Many. What we're launching is very much a Minimal Viable Product (or perhaps more correctly, a Minimum Desirable Product). We're approaching SXSW (as ever) as a giant customer development opportunity. All our hypotheses about the app may be wildly misconceived - but we really want to learn and we can't think of a better opportunity.

We're asking for your help - not just in downloading, using it, and uploading your Picles, but also giving us feedback. We're planning to interview people using the app at SXSW, and we'll be organising a couple of Picle meet-ups: we *think* Picle will work well at events and when we're swarming. And we're planning to update people through this blog about what we're learning. We really want it to be an open conversation - and as such, we have set up a Picle Twitter account @PicleApp.

I for one am really looking forward to giving the App a spin down at SXSW. [Unsubtle plug - check out the panel I'm leading this year.] Here's the App summed up in two short sentences:

Picle preserves moments that matter to you by capturing an audio clip with a photograph. These moments - or Picles - can then be laced together to make stories and shared with the web.

Read the whole post about Picle here.