Bicycle Transportation Alliance partners with NORTH

We are pleased to announce that the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Oregonʼs largest bicycle advocacy organization, has chosen NORTH to help build a brand platform that connects with both cyclists and the community at large.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance Portland

For the last 20 years, the BTA has worked to advocate for the rights of Oregon cyclists, fight for bike funding and infrastructure, as well as educate and encourage more people to use bikes as transportation. The BTA has grown from a scrappy non-profit to a professional advocacy organization with significant political influence.

Says Rob Sadowsky, Executive Director "As advocates, we are great at talking to other advocates, but need a language to help people make an emotional connection to cycling, the BTA, and the national movement. We like NORTH's approach, NORTH's style and NORTH's chutzpah and we're confident that they're the right partner to take us to the next level."