KEEN declares worldwide recess

How do we help a scrappy eight-year-old footwear company start a movement to get more people to go outside and play? KEEN is bringing Recess back. (To quote an actual eight-year old, “duh.”) The concept began with a  simple insight. Daily life has become so stressed out and over structured, people need a break now more than ever. That’s when we remembered Recess - that most excellent moment of the day when the bell rings, the shackles come off, and we get to run out the door whooping and hollering. Unfettered freedom, indeed.

In just six months, NORTH + KEEN definitely ran with it launching Recess in multiple channels around the globe, from digital to POS to nontraditional to print. On Friday, KEEN made a daily 15-minute break outside a mandatory part of every employee’s day. (Casual Friday? Pffft. Recess!)

And we’re just getting started. The Recess Revolution is sweeping across the country and we’re not stopping until every man, woman, child, stockbroker and truck driver has taken the Recess pledge. Are you ready? Let’s blaze new playgrounds.


KEEN footwear, NORTH