Can we separate the word social from media? Please?

Just a quick post as I found this Paul Ford post while doing research for an-even-longer-post-about-social-media overload which should arrive tomorrow some time. I know you can hardly wait..

Paul's post is titled “Facebook and the Epiphanator: An End to Endings?” and here it is in its entirety. I like it.

Forgot to tell you about this.

Continuing my theme of writing things every now and then I wrote a piece about how social media sees the publishing industry, which is now published to the New York website.

It was much helped along by its editor.

It was a sort of companion piece to this list of people in new media, which, well, when you read the list you realize, it's basically "media" now. We're probably only a year or two away from dropping the "new" forever.

Up next, separating the word 'social' from media. It's all media now.