I really like this: The one-year clock

Living in the present is actually a fallacy if you think about it - watch any clock and the seconds tick by incrementally, cruelly informing you that you are, second-by-second, leaving the immediate present to the past while entering the "new present" for a second! And so, the minutia of our daily lives leaves us wondering "where did the day, hours, week go?"

We can consider the grand scale of the Clock of the Long Now, a 10,000 year clock, or we can scale things back down, not to seconds, but a year.

That is the premise of a clock that will be called The Present.

"As we finalize materials, our main goal is to make the clock have the quality of something permanent--a piece that you'd want in your life for a long time," explains Kate Oppenheim, Director of Strategy at m ss ng p eces, the Brooklyn-based creative company, in an email to Fast Company.

You can learn more about the project and support the Kickstarter pledge drive here.